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Should I Clean My Toilet Tank?

If you've ever had trouble flushing your toilet, you may have pulled off the lid of the tank to look at the hardware and see if there was a problem with the chain, or to see if the tank was filling up properly.

Perhaps you have one of those nice, clean toilet tanks, if so that's great. On the other hand, lifting up the lid of the tank may have revealed something else – you may have found that it's filled with rust, a moldy substance, or another fuzzy gunk that has you asking yourself, "Should I be cleaning my toilet tank?"

You're worried about what types of unidentified bacteria and organisms could be lurking in your toilet, and reasonably so! What could be causing such an icky, unsightly tank?

Usually, the culprit behind a dirty toilet tank, and ultimately, a moldy and dirty toilet bowl is hard water. You can put on your rubber gloves, spray some nice antibacterial cleaner in the tank and begin scrubbing away with a scrub brush for a quick fix, but over the long haul, cleaning the tank is only a Band-Aid solution.

Is there a permanent solution?

For starters, you would definitely want to clean out the tank by hand. You can squirt a cleaning solution in it and scrub away the rust, mold and fuzzy gunky substance, but if you want a permanent solution, we recommend installing a water softener in your home.

A large percentage of America's homes have hard water. Hard water simply means that there's a lot of calcium and magnesium in your household's water supply. You may have hard water if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Your toilet tank is dirty due to mold or rust
  • Your dishes are cloudy or dull after being washed
  • You have a yellow-white crust that has formed on faucets and pipes
  • You see the yellow-white crust inside your coffee maker or tea kettle
  • Soap scum has developed on shower curtains and tiles

If your toilet tanks is not clean and full of rust or mold, or if you are having another plumbing issue that you would like resolved, feel free to contact A-1 Sewer & Septic Service Inc. to schedule a service call!

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