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Blog Posts in 2014

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How to Flush a Hot Water Heater

The water heater in your home serves an important purpose by keeping your water heated. Many people do not take the time to think about their water heater until it stops working. If your water heater ...
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Let's Talk About PEX Piping!

PEX piping, also known as cross-linked polyethylene, is a form of tubing that is increasingly being used in commercial and domestic piping systems, for heating and cooling, and insulation for ...
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Don't Get Bamboozled By a Plumber

Most homeowners need a plumber at some point, and everyone has their recommendation on who to choose for their services. No matter who you decide to go with, one of the most important things is to ...
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How to Thaw Frozen Pipes

In the middle of winter, many homeowners may discover that their pipes have frozen over. A-1 Sewer and Septic Service, Inc. recently posted a blog explaining how to prevent pipes from freezing, but in ...
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Types of Plumbing Pipes

As with many things in your home, your piping will not last you forever. Your pipes may last you a long time, but after years of use, it is likely that they will need to be replaced before they begin ...
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Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes

With the winter months quickly approaching, preventing your pipes from freezing can help you avoid serious, expensive repairs later on. Just taking a few preventive measures can help to eliminate the ...
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Prevent Holiday Plumbing Emergencies

Holidays are the time for celebrating with loved ones, and many people use this as an opportunity to gather family members together. While this is a joyous occasion, having many people under one roof ...
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Maintaining a Furnace Before the Winter Months

As the weather gets colder outside, the cozier and more appealing staying inside becomes! When it is time to turn on the furnace and start preparing homes for winter weather, homeowners should take ...
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Why You Shouldn't Pour Grease Down Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen drains clogged by cooking grease is a call any plumber is used to hearing around the holidays, and this is one of the easiest clogs to prevent. Pouring cooking greases, such as olive oil, ...
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Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean

Keeping a garbage disposal clean can help prevent the disposal from growing mold and bacteria. As food is processed in the machine, small food particles can become trapped in the small nooks, even if ...
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Why Should I Call a Plumber?

Many times, small plumbing jobs can be completed with a little time and hard work by the homeowner, but if that were the case for all repairs, plumbers would not be in business. The fact is, there are ...
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How to Make Natural Household Cleaners

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen can sometimes be a lengthy process that involves a lot of chemicals. For those that hate having to use potentially harmful chemicals to eliminate mold, stains, and ...
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What to Do When the Dishwasher Floods

It has happened to even the best of us; you've filled the dishwasher with the dirty plates from dinner, started the machine and gone into another room to watch television. After a few minutes you ...
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How to Fix a Leaky Pipe

Sometimes a leaky pipe can be a quick fix that doesn't call for a professional a plumber. Other times, a leak can mean something serious. If you notice that your water bill is higher than usual or ...
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Unclog a Drain Without Drano

It is easy for drains to get clogged in a home, and it doesn't mean that the homeowner did anything wrong when a drain gets backed up with hair or food products. There are easy ways that a drain ...
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Prepare Your Plumbing for Fall Weather

As fall approaches, you're probably preparing yourself for cooler weather, packing up your summer wardrobe and buying a few more sweaters. When preparing yourself for the cold, don't forget ...
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Tips to Prevent Plumbing Mishaps

Plumbing mishaps can occur at any time. While it may be ideal for there to be no issues at all with your plumbing, this is not likely. Constant use can cause problems with pipes, water heaters, ...
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How to Install a New Water Heater Dip Tube

If your hot shower abruptly became icy cold this morning, then you probably have a defective water heater dip tube. The good news is, a broken dip tube needs only a simple fix. What is the dip tube? ...
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Is Your Washing Machine Not Draining?

You will first have to diagnose the issue: there are many different reasons why your washing machine could be acting up. If the Water Is Staying In the Washing Machine Does the water sit in the ...
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Major Warnings Signs of a Clogged Sewer Drain

If you fear there is a sewer drain clog, it's best to investigate this possibility now before matters get worse. When you have a sewer drain clog, that water will be forced out through other parts ...
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Water Conservation Tips for Your Home

How You Can Save Water in the Bathroom The place where the most water gets used is probably your bathroom, so any conservation steps you take will have to start there. Some measures will be trickier ...
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Some Tips to Deal with Water Damage

Treating Damage, Fixing Pipes, and Cleaning Faucet Aerators If you want to conduct maintenance on your plumbing, or if you are experiencing leaks and don't know where to start, here are several ...
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Do You Need to Replace a Shut Off Valve?

Types of Shut Off Valves As your toilet and sink's shut off valves are rarely used, when you do try to cut off the water supply, you may find that the valves no longer function. Whatever the ...
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Tips to Keep Your Dishwasher in Good Shape

When it comes to caring for the plumbing in your kitchen, don't forget about your dishwasher! There are several quick maintenance checks you can perform, or some places for you to start if you are ...
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Using a Basin Wrench

A Handy Tool for Your Faucets The basin wrench is an essential part of your tool kit if you want to remove, install, or tighten a bathroom or kitchen faucet, and it can help you with water supply ...
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