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Septic Tank Service in Olathe, KS

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Regular septic tank maintenance, including septic tank pumping and drain cleaning, is vital to prevent common septic problems. It’s a dirty job, but take our word for it—septic tank problems are a lot dirtier. Our septic tank service pros have the equipment and expertise to handle any job, big or small, including the most common septic tank problems, such as:

Backups and Clogs: One of the most feared septic system problems (for good reason—who wants sewage backing up into their drains?) septic backups and clogs can be prevented by keeping waste products that aren’t septic safe out of your drains. This includes grease, cotton products, diapers, feminine hygiene products, and wipes (even if they say they are “flushable”). It’s also important to have regular septic tank pumping. If you do experience a septic system clog or backup, or you need septic cleaning, count on A-1 to remedy the problem quickly.

Tree Root Infiltration: Tree roots are attracted to the nutrient-rich waste in septic tanks and lines. The roots will slowly creep around the lines, finding small cracks and leaks and expand those cracks and leaks over time. A-1 can remedy this problem by using an auger to clean out the roots in your line.

Sewer Odors in Home: This is a common problem when septic ventilation systems become clogged, which can cause gases to become trapped in your home. This is a problem that should be remedied immediately, since odors are not only unpleasant but potentially dangerous for your home. Call on A-1 to correct septic system ventilation issues.

Signs of a septic tank problem include:

• Liquid sewage surfacing in your yard

• Bad smells coming from the drains in your home (mentioned above)

• Toilets flushing slowly or overflowing

• Gurgling sounds in the drains

• Overflow at washing machine hookups

• Signs of sewage in nearby ditches or streams

A-1 has been serving the community of Olathe, Kansas and all of Kansas City since our founding. We’re familiar with common septic tank and municipal plumbing issues in the area, and we’re ready to tackle any problem. Call us today for septic tank service, including septic tank pumping and drain cleaning.

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