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Popular Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

Bathroom plumbing is used often. It requires maintenance, but it also gives you clues when repairs are needed. Low water pressure, knocking sounds when the water is running, slow drainage, continuous dripping, or discolored water are just a few signs you need repairs.

The most common types, which require a plumber in Kansas City, are:

Toilet Repair

Depending on the type and configuration, toilets can have any number of problems. Flush valves may have a tapered rubber float ball or flapper ball to control water flow. Damage to these will prevent the tank from filling, so replacement is necessary. The same is true with broken chains.

Loose flush handles, running noises, a clogged toilet not fixed by a plunger, and water pooling at the base are signs you need bathroom plumbers to make repairs.

Pipe Relining

First, the pipe is inspected using a camera. The pipe is then flushed with high-pressure water and a flexible liner is cut to size, treated with a resin, and inserted using compressed air. Once the resin cures, the pipe is ready for use. Trenchless pipe replacement is less costly, time-consuming, and invasive compared to traditional trenchwork.


Leaks are often fixed by replacing the rubber O-ring and seat washer of a compression faucet, while a diverter valve, retaining clip, or a replacement unit resolves a cartridge faucet problem.


A leak is the most common shower problem, and it can be resolved by replacing showerheads, bad drain seals, or gate diverters, which send water to the showerhead.

Need a bathroom plumbing repair? A-1 Sewer & Septic Service employs skilled, experienced bathroom plumbers in Kansas City, so call us for emergency/same-day service at 913-631-5201 in Kansas and 816-361-2121 in Missouri.

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