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How to Save on Your Utilities and Water Bills

Whether you have city water or get your water from a well, there are costs for your water. With city water, you typically get a monthly bill that includes your water usage along with sewer fees. For homes with wells, it costs electricity to pump the water out of the ground into the home. You also have added costs of maintenance of the well system and your septic tank.

In addition, both types of methods have costs for heating hot water in a hot water heater and operating a whole house water filtration system. There are several things you can do to reduce utilities and water bills while also helping to conserve water.

Utilities and Water Bills


  • Replace faucets with low-flow faucets with aerators. These do not reduce water pressure, yet help reduce the amount of water coming out of the faucet.
  • Get a high efficiency (HE) dishwasher to do dishes. Using an HE dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand. Plus, with most modern dishwashers, there is no need to pre-rinse dishes, saving you even more water.
  • Chill water in the refrigerator for drinking. Instead of waiting for water to get cold out of the faucet or wasting water while waiting for it to get hot, collect the water and keep in the fridge instead.


  • Install low-flow shower heads and faucets with aerators. Both upgrades help reduce water usage.
  • Install a low-flush toilet or upgrade an existing toilet. There are low-flush toilets and upgrades you can put on existing toilets that use less water when you flush.

Laundry Room

  • Upgrade to an HE washer and dryer. An HE washer uses less water, while an HE dryer uses less electricity.

Entire Home

  • Run the dishwasher only when it is full.
  • Only launder full wash loads.
  • Collect rain water in buckets and use these to water plants or wash your car.
  • Shut off the water while you brush your teeth.
  • Fill a sink with warm water for shaving.
  • Mulch gardens and flower beds to trap moisture near the ground and reduce how often you need to water plants.
  • Landscape with plants, shrubs, and trees that require less water.
  • Insulate your plumbing pipes. Have a professional insulate both hot and cold water lines in your home. This will provide cold water and hot water much faster.
  • Inspect the home for water leaks and have these fixed/repaired immediately. A slow-dripping faucet or leaky pipe can waste thousands of gallons of water annually, not to mention could cause potential damage to your home.

Drain Cleaning

By making some minor changes to your water usage habits, you can help reduce your water usage and monthly bills. For assistance with water saving upgrades for your home, septic system maintenance and repairs, and other plumbing services, please feel free to contact A-1 Sewer & Septic Service at 913-631-5201 or 816-361-2121 today!

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