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Blog Posts in 2013

Cleaning Your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump, it is there to ward off floods, pumping water away as it collects in the sump pit. In order for it to do its job, however, you will have to perform regular maintenance to ...
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Winter Plumbing Tips

While Thanksgiving and Hanukah have already passed, the holidays are still in full swing, and the large parties and vast amounts of cooking continue. With all the guests using your plumbing, and the ...
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How to Unclog Plumbing Vents

If your sink is not draining well, but your waste line is not clogged, then the source of your problem could lie in the vent system, on the rooftop. These pipes that jut up from your roof are called ...
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How to Insulate Your Water Heater

If your water heater is in an attic, basement, or garage that is uninsulated or unheated, an insulation blanket might be the ticket to a more energy efficient water heater. It is best to get an ...
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Emergency Repairs for Burst Pipes

There are some plumbing pieces and tools that you should consider always having on hand. They will not cost you much in the short-term, and having the right items in an emergency can be invaluable. ...
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When Is It Time to Call the Plumber?

Even the most proficient do-it-yourselfer will need expert help from time to time. This is especially apparent in a plumbing emergency. But even many seemingly commonplace issues would still be best ...
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Thanksgiving Tips: How to Prevent a Plumbing Emergency over the Holiday

The day right after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for plumbers. Sometimes, this is because unnoticed plumbing problems are exacerbated by guests. Or more simply, with all the ...
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How to Clean a Water Heater

Cleaning out your water heater is an important part of maintaining it, especially when you need to get it ready for the winter. If sediment starts to accumulate inside of your water heater, this could ...
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What to Do About Noisy Pipes

If you have clanging pipes, the problem could be a water hammer, a slack mounting strap, or high water pressure. Whatever the source of these sounds, you can usually do something about it. And you ...
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Winter-Proof Your Plumbing in the Fall

When it comes to taking care of your plumbing system for the fall, the main objective is to prepare your house for the winter. A surprise cold snap could lead to plumbing emergencies that are highly ...
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Maintaining Your Water Heater

While it is important to have your water heater inspected by a professional on an annual basis, you can take steps throughout the year to personally ensure that everything is running well. One of the ...
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Cleaning the Garbage Disposal

In spite of everyone's best efforts, a garbage disposal is likely to end up with its grinders coated in slush and weighed down with debris. Substances such as glass and rubber can accidentally ...
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How Do I Clean a Faucet Aerator?

When your faucet becomes clogged, this might be due to a buildup of minerals and sediment. Fortunately, a quick clean-up is all it might take to solve this problem. You will need to take off the ...
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Where Do I Find the Main Water Shutoff Valve?

Before water enters your house, it goes through three valves that are installed by the city. Finally, it has to go through your own main shutoff valve. When this valve is open, water can flow into ...
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What Should I Do When My Toilet is Running?

Most Americans can identify with this annoying problem: you are all ready for bed, you use the restroom and then your toilet starts running. You can't go to bed knowing that water is being wasted ...
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How Do I Fix a Leaky Faucet?

A simple annoyance can become a much bigger concern when it's not fixed right away, and in this case, it's a leaky faucet. Perhaps it is in your kitchen or your bathroom, or anywhere else in ...
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What To Do When the Garbage Disposal Stops Working

Garbage disposals are a handy thing to have in our kitchens, as it allows us to take care of our drains by chopping up the pieces before they go down. Whether you are putting you dinner leftovers down ...
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Welcome to Our Plumbing Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Plumbing Blog.
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